Carel WLD

A simple and economical solution for resolving the problem of flooding

The CAREL flood prevention system is a device designed to quickly and reliably detect unwanted water leaks, to protect equipment or special environments (computer rooms, offices, laboratories, industrial facilities, boiler rooms).

The advantages of the device include easy operation, with no configuration and maintenance required, and simple connection.

Simply connect the power supply, the sensor, and the signal device.

Typically, the detector is installed in the electrical panel, while the sensor is located in the area being controlled. When the sensor is wet by water, the signal system is activated.

Two different types of probes are used, so as to respond to the different requirements of the applications.

A network of sensors connected in parallel series can be created so as to control a group of points at the same time with the same detector.

This system has an incomparable price/performance ratio, and represents a solution for a large variety of applications, guaranteeing the quality that CAREL has always stood out for.