Unit cabinets are constructed of heavy gauge GI Epoxy Coating.

Fan outlets provide additional strength to fan panel and assure even air ow for quiet operation.

Mounting legs are constructed of heavy gauge GI Epoxy Coating.

The condenser coil is constructed of plate type die formed, aluminium is mechanically bonded to copper tubes and employ full height, self-spacing collars which completely cover the tube surface. The coil is pressure and leak tested at 350PSIG air, and sealed with caps on connections.

Propeller type fans, carefully matched to the coil, cover a large percentage of the coil face area providing a uniform air distribution. The direct drive fans have heavy-duty gauge aluminum blades securely riveted to zinc plated, chromate treated center hubs. All fans are statically and dynamically balanced before shipment and operate at low tip speeds for minimum vibration and low sound levels.

The fan motors are heavy duty three phase motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings. All motors are thermally protected against burn out and may be started by a single contactor. Protective slingers shield the motors from weather damage.

All motors are factory wired with leads terminating in a weather-protected junction box located on the outside of the unit casing.

The fan guards are constructed of heavy gauge, close meshed steel wire powder coated for corrosion resistance.

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Remote Air Cooled Condenser