Remote Air Cooled Compressorized

The refrigeration system shall be split type with an indoor evaporator section and remote outdoor condenser.

The indoor evaporator section shall include the cooling coil, compressors, humidifier, reheat, filters, and controls.  The cooling coil shall be in a cross circuited or interlaced “A” frame arrangement to allow maximum coil surface in a small cabinet.  The large faced coil area shall be constructed with 1/2″ O.D. copper tube with 12 fins per inch of corrugated aluminum for maximum heat transfer.  Maximum face velocity shall be less than 500 feet per minute.  The expansion valves shall be of the adjustable thermostatic type with external equalization.

The compressors shall be of the hermetic scroll or semi-hermetic type, with complete overload protection on all three power lines, internal thermostat for winding protection, anti-slug device, crankcase heater, sight-glass, and low pressure override timer for positive starting at low temperatures.  The filter drier shall be of the flare fitting type for non-torch servicing.  The circuit shall contain high and low pressure safety switches.  The high and low pressure safety switches shall be installed with shraeder type fittings with valve core.

Each system shall include a low profile, slow speed, direct drive propeller fan type air cooled condenser.  The air discharge shall be vertical to minimize the effects of wind blowing through the coil at low ambient temperatures.  The condenser shall be constructed of galvanized steel with a powder coated finish. The condenser shall contain a 1/2″ O.D. copper tube coil with corrugated aluminum fins for maximum heat transfer.  The condenser shall have fan speed control with transducers to modulate the speed of the first condenser fan motor and provide positive start-up and operation at ambient temperatures to -20° F.  Additional condenser fan motors are to be controlled by ambient thermostats.  All controls including the fan speed controller shall be factory mounted in the air cooled condenser in an integral factory wired and tested control panel.  The air cooled condenser shall be manufactured by the manufacturer of the indoor unit.

The brochure as below link;

Remote Air Cooled PAC