Aisle Containment – Legrand SJ

sjIn today’s data centre, traditional cooling approaches involve complex air distribution systems that tend to be unpredictable and hence, wasting more energy for unnecessary cooling. Deploying aisle containment solution can minimizes air mixing and increase efficiency

EFFECTIVE COOLING is accomplished by providing both the proper TEMPERATURE and an adequate QUANTITY OF AIR to the load. Reducing the CRAC supply temperature to compensate for hot spots does not help or solve the issue. The root cause is either not sufficient volume of cold air to the equipment inlet, or lack of sufficient hot return air removal from the equipment outlet. ASHRAE Technical Committee (TC) 9.9 – Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment, suggested air volume 160CFM/kW needed for optimum operating of the servers.

BY increasing air pressure in the cold aisle and not allowing hot air to mix in, Air Containment also has the potential to reduce the risk of IT service failure in two key ways: By accelerating the flow of cold air into servers, even to those in the top third of the cabinet* in turn decreasing fan loading and technology operating temperatures, thereby extending server life span.

Note* – 74% of server failures occur in the top third of the rack where the temperature is normally higher.

SJ – Cold Aisle Containment