Safety & Health

Safety & Health Policy Statement

Critical Control is committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all the employees and contractors.

Critical Control understand that, all injuries are preventable and health and safety is the key to the success. Critical Control is committed to comply with all governmental agencies, regulations, and industry best practices and will use audits to measure and improve safety and health practices.

Critical Control holds all levels of management accountable to provide a safe work environment and enforcing safe work procedures and practices. Management and supervisors will lead and demonstrate their commitment to health and safety by example, and will ensure that the peer that they are responsible to have the essential knowledge to work safely. Supervisors will put safety and health to the same priority as productivity. They must comply to occupational safety and health requirements.

Critical Control will hold all employees and contractors responsible for following safe work procedures and reporting unsafe acts and safety incidents.

Workers have general responsibilities for their own health and safety and that of other persons. In addition, they have the responsibility to refuse unsafe work. Discriminatory action will not be taken against them for refusing to do unsafe work.

Employees from every area of the company, regardless of position, will be encouraged to contribute to the company safety and health program. Critical Control encourages the involvement of all workers in the development of the program. We will provide support and promote the program to ensure that safety has the overriding priority.

Employee cooperation and compliance with the safety and health program at Critical Control is a requirement of employment.



Executive Director